Who is Mahlagha Jaberi

She is one of the most popular Iranian Models. She deserves the name (In persian Mahlagha means as beautiful as the moon) her parents has chosen for her undoubtedly. In Mahlagha Jaberi 30th birthday we invited her to a reportage with Pol magazine to make the world more familiar with the successful Iranian artists and celebrities.

What you are going to read is about her pros and cons, concerns and her dreams on her professional career and also it will be more explanation about she and “Burak özçivit” a popular turkish actor. Mahlagha has never been to Istanbul, but istanbul is in her list of to be seen. We hope to have her here as soon as possible in this beautiful city so we can compensate all her efforts for Pol magazine.

What is your favorite entertainment?

I enjoy doing many, different things, but I get the most entertained from watching movies, and traveling. Movies allows me to relax, and relate to characters passionately, motivationally, and/or emotionally. Traveling allows me to experience the beautiful world we are blessed to live in.

What do you do if you are too bored?

I do not get bored, because there is always something to do. I am constantly multi-tasking with work and my personal life.

What kind of sport activities do you do as a model? How many hours a day you do sport activities?

I enjoy swimming, and weight lifting to boost my physical, emotional, and mental health. By working out one hour a day, I feel energized!

Daily routine of Mahlagha Jaberi

What is you daily routine about beauty care?

I am very blessed to inherit good genes from my parents. I drink a lot of water, I use natural organic coconut oil to keep my skin moist, and sometimes I will take vitamin E, but I do use sunscreen every day. Due to the modeling work that I do, I wash off all my makeup at night before going to bed to allow my skin to breath.

Why did you choose modeling? Who was the first person who told you ,you are suitable for this job?

I believe everything happens for a reason. I initially was heading towards art and painting as it was my areas of interest. I did not choose modeling. Model agencies reached out and chose me, and with the exceptional support from my sisters, I pursued it as a career.

We do not like to enter into your private life, but we think it is a good time to get rid of burak story,if you would like to explain to us?

I think this is a good time to share with my fans my side of the story behind the “drama” that unfolded with Mr. Burak Ozcivit.  It began when my family recommended a popular Turkish series for me to watch. I had heard so much about the show from people around me that I was curious to see what the buzz was all about. And since I love watching movies, especially a good romance, I fell in love with the entertaining storyline. Besides a good script, I also enjoy watching different actors/actresses and their acting skills, a topic that I love to discuss with family and friends. At that time, all Iranians were talking about Burak’s character in the series and how his incredible acting showed so much emotions.

Personal life of Mohalga Jabri

With his portrayal on screen, it got us all emotional every time, and my family and friends became fans of his work. To compliment him on his work, I decided to reach out to let him know how much we love him by commenting, “We love you.” Unfortunately, people took my comment the wrong way and interpreted it as I was “in love with him;” which was not true or correct.  Public figures, celebrities, actor/actresses, models compliment each other all the time, but that doesn’t mean that we are in love with each other. I personally believed he blocked me on social media to stop the rumors people started creating, but unfortunately, that just made things appear worse.

From my perspective, Burak is a celebrity that people admire and look up to as a role model. He is someone who represents his country, but I don’t think he did the right thing, and did not handle the situation properly. It was not ideal behavior, and sent out the wrong message to people that love and support him as an actor. I did feel disrespected and confused at the time, but I don’t hate him. Just not a fan of Burak anymore.

Have had any courses for the modeling ? What are they (if yes)?

Education is so important. There is much to learn in life. Unfortunately, I did not receive any courses in modeling, but learned from my experiences. I also had the great support of photographers, hair/make-up teams that I worked with on different sets. Modeling jobs were offered to me and I started without any practice or experience in modeling. I basically learned on the job!

What are your recommendations to those who want to do modeling?

Follow your dreams, because you will never know unless you try. Most models do not become “Supermodels,” so I am proud of myself for trying. So remember to follow your dreams, work out, stay fit and as natural as possible. The industry cares more about a fit body, than a pretty face.

other Close-up photo of Mehlgha Jaberi

Which brands have you collaborated with? what is your best experience and why?

I have been very blessed to be given the opportunity to work with a lot of amazing brands.  I can’t list them all here, but my favorite experiences was with GUESS, Philipp Plein, and Disney.

Do you look like your father or your mother in terms of heights and appearance ?do you think beauty is genetic?

Yes, I believe beauty is genetic, because I look like my dad.

What strange or interesting features do you have that others do not know about it?

We are all unique in our own ways…that’s what makes people so beautiful. But the beauty feature that stands out for me is my very long neck, which makes me look more elongated in pictures.

Close-up photo of Mehlgha Jaberi

What makes you delight the most and what is your concerns as a supermodel?

If I could, I would indulge in chocolates, sweets and cheese EVERY DAY! But, I have to stay disciplined, and can’t have them as much as I would like.

What is the most attractive part about your business? Which moment do you enjoy the most?

Getting to know, and work with the most incredible, talented people and bring an imaginative idea to life. To be a part of this type of creative energy makes me feel very good.

Are you interested in acting? Have you ever had a suggestion about acting?

I have always enjoyed watching movies, so I am drawn, and interested to acting. I do receive offers all the time, but I have not found the right project that I would want to participate passionately.

What kind of sports and dances you know? We saw in a video that you can do the ballet dance.

I love Volleyball. I don’t really dance, but I know how to dance for fun with family and friends.

What countries and cities have you been to ? Where do you find the most beautiful place in the world?

I have been blessed to travel to so many wonderful countries, and will not be able to list them all here. But so far, the most beautiful places I have visited is Greece and Switzerland.

Mehlgha Jabri in a beautiful navy dress

How did your family support you? What did they do?

As far as I could remember, I have been pretty much on my own. I am a very independent woman, but I do have great support from my family, and I will be forever thankful.

Who is your favorite model? What is so attracting about her/him?

My favorite model is Kendall Jenner, because she looks like my beautiful, sweet niece that I love and care about so much.

What is the greatest wish of Mahlagha Jaberi?

My wish is to win the lottery hahahahaha. I’m just kidding. My biggest wish is to be able to give my mom everything, because she deserves everything.

Mahlgha Jabri in a black lace dress

How does Mahlagha Jaberi spend a day? What time do you wake up in the morning?

My day-to-day is different. Depending on what I have on my schedule, but I try to stick to a routine where I can exercise, have a big, healthy breakfast, then complete business or personal work. Once I am done for the day, then I can spend some quality time with loved ones.

Have you ever traveled to Istanbul ? If yes please tell us you opinion about this city.

I have not had the opportunity to travel to Istanbul, but it is on my bucket list. I hope I get to explore the city one day. I have heard great things about the city with the rich history, amazing landmarks, and breathtaking views. My wish list is to visit the Hagia Sophia, Topkap� Palace, and the Sultanahmet Mosque.

What are the things that you are thankful for? And proud of yourself?

There is much to be thankful for, and I truly feel blessed. What I am most grateful for is the work ethics I have been given to motivate myself daily to stand on my own two feet, to take care of myself, and earn life experiences independently. I am glad that I am open- minded, because that allows me to learn more about people and life, which adds more to my knowledge.

Exclusive interview with Mahlagha Jaberi

How is the attitudes of Americans and people around the world with Iranian models?

I don’t feel nationality, ethnicity, or race should be a concern. I think my fans love me for being me.

What is your feeling to similarity with Aishwarya Rai?

I feel honored and excited as I have always been a big fan of Mrs. Aishwarya Rai, and absolutely grateful to the Indian people for acknowledging the resemblance, which brings me much closer to a person that I have admired for so long.

At what age did you leave Iran? What was the most interesting ,different and promising thing when you came to the United States?

I left Iran when I was 19.5 years old, and moved to the United States in 2009.  The immediate contrast I noticed was the air quality and the opportunities to grow in the United States. Not to mention, the big cultural differences.

What is the feature in Mahlagha Jaberi that you think is the best to achieving success ?

I am driven, and determined to succeed.

Mehlgha Jabri in a navy dress

You have never been seen with a man, do you believe that love should remain hidden?

That’s my private life and I like to keep some of my life private.  All I would like to comment is that I am in a very happy and healthy relationship.

In which fields you have studied?

My interest in College was Math and Physics.

What is the slogan of Mahlagha Jaberi in life?

Don’t judge a book by its cover, spread love and positivity.

How many years have you been practicing modeling professionally and what has been your greatest experience on this path?

I have been modeling for the past 10 years, so there are many experiences that I have been blessed to encounter. By far, the Milan trip for the launch of Philipp Plein Luxury Sports Line was the best, because it was a combination of work, exploration, love and getting to meet new people.

What are the honors you have gained in your professional career? In the cover of which magazines you have had a picture?

The biggest honor in my work is meeting the long list of talented people, getting to travel and learn about different cultures. I feel like I am living 1000 lives.

Modeling photo of Mehlgha Jaberi

Who is your best friend and companion in life? Why?

My mom. She is the strongest woman I know and a positive role model. She taught me to be humble, respectful, and appreciate all the little things in life.

What was the funniest rumor you heard about yourself?

That I was trying to steal Mr. Burak Ozçivit from his wife (LOL).

What is your opinion about the POL magazine and how effective has it been for Iranians?

In general, I appreciate news media outlets of all medium as long as they are spreading the truth.

And your massage to the POL magazine audience.

Be kind to one another. Spread LOVE. Be confident, work on a strong personality. Pursue your dreams. Be the best at what you love to do.

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